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A one-language traveller is a bit of a paradox, as it is required, of course, for the traveller to understand several languages. But here is a traveller with only one language, so he can only orient himself during the journey with the language he brings.

The social fabric is like language: at once a movement through the air and a physical manifestation.

How does material emerge? And how does it then create meaning and become a language? We travel to language through paths, lines and systems. We are the tissue between these parts. Thus, our associations with the parts simultaneously limit our understanding of what the material really is.

The journey could be described as follows: a field tightens and pulls in the adjacent field, this movement creates a contrast to what was before. A simple reaction continues to form new movements until the substance occurs and rises to objects. The objects formed together create the mass, where each object is then absorbed into the volume again. This movement or loop can be seen as translations from one system to another, from matter to meaning, to language. One Language Traveller describes such a journey of movement.

The trip goes through a framework in which the material is processed and slowly condensed to an object or a language - something which we can commonly talk about. For we share a common understanding of what a chair is, but we do not share the feelings we have for it.

The object is thus a tool and this object is then used in the creation of a functional framework that creates other tools for further use. But this tool also points back to where it comes from.


© FOS, One Language Traveller, 2011. Photo: Anders Sune Berg

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