Yvette Guilbert

Singer who can easily be recognized on the long, black gloves. Lautrec was as many others fascinated by her peculiar stage presence and her reedy voice.

Reedy voice and peculiar stage presence
Yvette Guilbert (1868-1944) performed at café-concerts, often as a diseuse, a genre where songs were declaimed rather than sung. She had her debut at the Moulin Rouge in 1890 and soon became popular because her reedy voice and peculiar stage presence (she was unfashionably tall and thin) fascinated many.

Easily recognized by the long, black gloves
Lautrec portrayed her frequently even though she was not satisfied with the results – she thought she appeared too distorted and ugly. The long, black gloves were a particular trademark for Guilbert.

Yvette Guilbert, 1894

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