Willie Doherty: Secretion

Exhibition period: 1 November 2012 - 24 February 2013 | x-rummet

The word secretion means (a product formed by) the bodily process of making and releasing some material either functionally specialized or isolated for excretion or the act of hiding something.

Willie Dohertys film Secretion was shown in collaboration with the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, CPH:DOX. It was the fifth time, SMK and CPH:DOX collaborated.

Secretion is Dohertys latest artwork. It's a film about fear of the invisible, and everything that is beyond our control.

About the film

It ends with an image we never see, but will not so quickly forget. A man in a work uniform, lying on the floor of his house in a state of early decomposition.

But Secretion starts with small signs: trees wither and die. Infected by mysterious fungal spores, which soon spread across the entire forest. The infection spreads in a pattern along the area's waterways, and soon also infects the research station where scientists are desperately trying to find out what is happening - before they give up, seal the base and go home.

In an attempt to contain the disease-bearing water, the disaster is only brought closer.

A compelling and terrifying work

In the work Secretion the slow camerawork of Irish born Willie Doherty zooms in on fragments of a secluded landscape as well as an abandoned building at the edge of civilization.The beautiful and sharp shots of fungus attacks, rot and decay create contradictory visuals that permeate this at once compelling and terrifying work.

Like in a psychological science fiction story, the voice-over depicts the peculiar and concealed occurrences in the area but without explaining.

has supported the exhibition

has supported the exhibition

About Willie Doherty

About Willie Doherty

Read about the Northern Irish artist Willie Dohert.

Artist in Focus

Doherty was Artist in Focus at CPH:DOX 2012, and his artwork Secretion was nominated for the New Vision Award at the festival.

Why is it called the x-room?

The ‘x’ in x-room stands for the unknown. The x-room transforms itself from exhibition to exhibition. No-one knows in advance what form of expression the art will find.