Past exhibitions 2013

We the People (Detail)
© We the People af Danh Vo, 2012. Foto: Anders Sune Berg

We the People (Detail)

1 June 2012 - 31 December 2013

The Danish-Vietnamese artist Danh Vo has made a full-scale replica of the Statue of Liberty. However, the statue was not welded together to reach its full height of 45 metres; rather, it was been split into approximately 400 fragments and scattered across the entire world. You were able to experience a total of approximately 100 elements in the Sculpture Street.


Flowers and World Views

22 March - 20 October 2013

The exhibition presented a spectacular and lush extravaganza of flower paintings spanning two centuries. You could explore familiar and rare exotic flowers – and find strange blooms you had never seen before.

The exhibition offered a sensuous walk through the rich variety of the world of flowers, but it also digged deeper to show that a flower is not simply a flower. The artists’ representations of flowers, fruit, and plants are affected by history and the prevalent world view.



12 October 2012 - 17 March 2013

What happens in those special moments where we look at a detail? What do we do when we look at things up close, and what “unforeseen” reward are we looking for? – After Daniel Arasse

The exhibition homes in on details in art. How do details affect our understanding of a picture? And how have artists worked with details through the ages?

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