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Detail studies were common in the 18th century as preliminary stages towards the finished painting.   Here you can see a detail study and inspect the painting for which it was used.

As a preliminary study for his portrait of the countess Anna Joachima Danneskiold-Laurvigen the artist Jens Juel created a detail study of the countess’ right hand. 

The detail study appears on the right-hand side of the screen.

Jens Juel subsequently incorporated the detail study in the finished painting, which is shown below. 

You can also zoom in the details in the painting .

Both works are featured in the exhibition [details]. About the exhibition

Jens Juel, Study of a Right Hand, 1790-91.

Jens Juel, Study of a Right Hand, 1790-91. Click on the image to view a large-format version.

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