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More flowers in Copenhagen’s new museum district

Parkmuseerne is Copenhagen’s new museum district. It comprises the David Collection, the Filmhouse, the Hirschsprung Collection, Rosenborg Castle, the Natural Museum of Denmark, and the SMK.

Together these six cultural institutions house Denmark’s largest and most important collection of artefacts from the realms of art and nature. In the spring of 2013 they all focused especial attention on flowers.

Six flower exhibitions

While the SMK showed the exhibition Flowers and World Views you could also enjoy a Flora Danica exhibition at Rosenborg Castle, living flowers in the Botanical Garden, flowers in the art of Islam at the David Collection, films with and about flowers in the Filmhouse, and spring motifs at the Hirschsprung Collection.

More experiences for everyone

During the spring months the Parkmuseerne district invited all visitors to enjoy jointly staged activities and events that forged even closer links between the museums, the parks, and the architecture of the neighbourhood, creating new experiences for all.

See what’s on at the other museums  

The Hirschsprung Collection: A Flowering Season

19 March - 23 June 2013
In the spring of 2013 The Hirschsprung Collection showed an exhibition of the museum’s ‘spring pictures’ from the 1890s.The exhibition focused on three of the museum’s most important major works and is part of the museum’s series of focus exhibitions which take their point of departure in a single work or a limited group of works from the museum’s own collection.

Read about the exhibition (external link)

The David Collection: Flora Islamica. Plant Motifs in the Art of Islam

22 March - 27 October 2013
Plant motifs in the form of vines, leaves, flowers, fruits, and trees are among those most frequently used in Islamic art. They can be readily recognizable, but also stylized or denaturalized, like the fantastic arabesque. The special exhibition Flora Islamica illustrated and analysed the overwhelming visual influence that plant motifs have had in the Islamic world. 

Read about the exhibition (external link)

The Filmhouse

19 March - 9 April 2013
The Filmhouse is home to one of the world's largest collections of movie stills – from classic icons to obscurities. In the exhibition some of these photos were displayed publicly in a new manner: through an exhibition inside The Filmhouse. The only common denominator was that flowers play a central role – as romantic, ironic, metaphoric, or purely aesthetic draping.

Read about the exhibition (external link)

Natural History Museum of Denmark: Flora Danica

From 20 March 2013
It all began with a cloudberry. Since then, thousands of flowers, algae and fungi were drawn and printed into a magnificent book about the indigenous plants of Denmark: Flora Danica. An exhibition at the Natural History Museum told the wonderful story of the Danish botanists who set out on a quest to map the Danish flora. 

Read about the exhibition (external link)

Rosenborg Castle: From Science to Art

21 March - 23 June 2013
How science has led to artistic creation is the central theme in the special exhibition which is Rosenborg's contribution to the launching of the Park Museums.The exhibition focused the spotlight on two of the museum's finest collections - the Flora Danica porcelain and the fifty flower paintings by the painter, botanist and entomologist Maria Sibylla Merian (1647-1717).

Read about the exhibition (external link)

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