See what was happening at the SMK

In the exhibition you could get creative in the Drawing Studio, watch the conservators at work, and much more. The Café and Bookshop also focused special attention on flowers.

Here you can get an overview of the many things you could do, see, and experience in connection with the exhibition Flowers and World Views.

Watch the conservators at work

Behind the scenes

The exhibition included a working conservation studio.

SMK's publications

The Green Florilegium

The exhibition also gave rise to a facsimile edition of the manuscript album known as The Green Florilegium.


Find recipes for marigold butter and a rose cordial as prepared by our chef.

Unique products

Flower seeds

Bring many of the flowers from the Gottorfer Codex back home to your garden.

Unique products

Unique wallpaper

Working in collaboration with the Flügger chain of paint supplies stores we have created a unique wallpaper featuring one of the flowers from the Gottorfer Codex.

The wallpaper is available from the SMK Bookshop, from Flügger stores, and at

It costs 455 DKK per roll.

Unique products

Beautiful scarves

Inspired by the bold, yet also romantic colour schemes in the Gottorfer Codex albums fashion textile artist Signe Emdal has created two beautiful scarf designs. 

Priced at DKK 1,150 each, the scarves are available from the Bookshop.