Konservatoren renser et Maleri af Jacob Jordaens.

Konservatoren renser et Maleri af Jacob Jordaens.

Conservation treatment | 13.mar.2013

What colour temperature do you use when you are conserving paintings and retouching?

The company "Daylight", which sells lamps for visual artists, sells lamps with the inscription 6500 K. In the TV and Film world, professionals tend to use 3500 K (ordinary incandescent bulbs) and 5600 K (ordinary incandescent bulbs with a blue conversion filter to imitate daylight). What would you recommend?

Thank you for your question. The lamp we use for work in the restoration of paintings at SMK, is a 150W daylight lamp from the German company Kohlrusch.

The company has various types of lamps for conservation and restoration needs, the one we have chosen to use has a colour temperature of 5600 K and can be seen here: www.kohlrusch.biz/shop/shop_artikel_details.php4

Yours faithfully,
Troels Filtenborg
Senior Paintings Conservator

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