Conservation treatment | Uddannelsen og arbejdet | 13.mar.2013

Where can I find relevant literature on conservation and restoration?

You can find a wealth of information through the School of Conservation Online Catalog (KONK), where you can search for books and articles, which are available on the Det Konserveringsfaglige Videnscenter (KViC) on Amaliegade.

Online, you might find BCIN and AATA useful. BCIN, the Bibliographic Database of the Conservation Information Network, is the Web's most complete bibliographic resource for the conservation, preservation and restoration of cultural property. AATA online is a comprehensive database of over 120,000 abstracts of literature related to the preservation and conservation of material cultural heritage.

Yours faithfully,
Anne Haack Christensen
Painting Conservator, Cand.Sci.Kons.

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