See the conservators working

In the middle of the Flowers and World Views exhibition, the conservators could be seen as they busily restored flower paintings by the Dutch artist Elias van den Broeck. 

The paintings formerly adorned the walls of Fredensborg Castle. If they were to be preserved for posterity they had to be conserved.


Follow the experts at work

The conservators will post regular updates about their work on Twitter and on the SMK website.

Cradling the florilegia

Read about how the folds have been straightened with cotton gloves and sandbags to reveal the entire painting.

The flower is painted on the back of a calf

Read about how the parchment in the artwork Gottorfer Codex was made.

See the conservators’ replies

The conservators answer questions

How do you remove mould on a painting? Find the answer here.

Conservation: One on One
Watch the film
Get insight into the conservators' working process as they treat the paintings.
Gottorfer Codex: In Full Bloom
Watch the film
Conservators have restored the flower paintings over the course of four years.