Past exhibitions 2014


Asger Jorn – Restless Rebel

28 February – 15 June 2014

Asger Jorn – isn’t he that Cobra-painter with the big, colourful paintings? Yes, he is, but Jorn is also much more than that.

This exhibition gives you a 360 degree view of a truly unique figure within Danish art: Jorn experimented with art throughout his life, was politically engaged, and created sculptures, paintings, ceramics, architecture and much more.

Hear the whole story about the world-famous Danish artist Asger Jorn as the SMK celebrates the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Tacita Dean

Tacita Dean – Print Projects

17 January - 18 May 2014

The exhibition Tacita Dean – Print Projects presents the British artist Tacita Dean’s work within the medium of print. She collects materials and information – for example at flea markets, where she finds old postcards, advertising materials, and amateur photographs that are used as the basis for new narratives.

With alluring graphic art she investigates the relationship between memory and time, fiction and reality.

Haim Steinbach. The Window

15 November 2013 - 23 February 2014

What are quirky salt and pepper shakers doing next to some of the main masterpieces of art history? Haim Steinbach is deeply interested in objects and how they are displayed.

In the exhibition The Window he challenged our perception of the art museum as an institution by showing important works of art side by side with small everyday objects.



6 September 2013 – 3 August 2014. 

The children’s exhibition FREEDOM! focused on the many forms and modes of expression that freedom can involve.

Taking our point of departure in a range of distinctive works of art and the philosophy of Søren Kierkegaard we invited children and adults to discuss the concept of freedom.

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