Mix it up!

Remixing public domain artworks from the SMK collections

“It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to.”

— Jean-Luc Godard

29.-31 May we were pleased to present a series of novel interpretations that build upon historical artworks in the collections of the National Gallery of Denmark. You could find the exhibition Mix it up! in the museum’s collection displays of European Art 1300–1800Danish and Nordic Art 1750 –1900 and Danish and International Art after 1900. Admission is free.

With this exhibition, we engaged artists and designers to explore and experiment with artworks at the SMK. The collections span 700 years of art history, presenting works from Denmark, Europe, and the rest of the world. A large share of these collections are in the public domain. They are part of our shared cultural heritage and have been around for so long that their copyright has expired. Therefore, they can freely be re-used as raw materials in new artistic practices. SMK wants to be a catalyst for new creativity, a vision we share with our partners in this exhibition project – Europeana Creative and Aalto Universitety School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

Want to see the remixes? Click on the artists names below

Bodil Manz
Cecilie Manz
Claus Due / Designbolaget
Filip Vest
Jamie Seaboch / EyeQ Innovation
Kati Hyyppä
Louise Campbell
Michael Boelt Fischer
Neea Laakso
Product of Public Domain
Signe Emdal
Søren Rønholt
Thorbjørn Andersen

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Artwork by Jamie Seaboch / EyeQ Innovations CC BY-SA 4.0