Filip Vest

22 Skies – digital projection

In 22 Skies, Filip Vest has isolated the skies from 22 paintings in SMK’s collection Danish and Nordic Art 1750-1900 and created a digital sampling projected unto a ceiling in the museum.

“By isolating the skies from the rest of the motif, the elements that point to a specific time disappear and the skies are turned into universal images instead. Through sampling, time and geography dissolve and the time between the paintings as well as between the paintings and the observer disappears.”

Lundbye’s Coast – Oblivion – partition in 3 parts with digital prints

Lundbye's Coast – Oblivion is a series of images that spring from Lundbye’s painting A Danish Coast (1843). A digital version of the painting has been destroyed in the computer so that all the codes of the image file are still intact but the computer doesn’t know how to reassemble the image. Each image in the series is the computer’s attempt to recreate the original painting and recall what it looks like.

“The process in the computer becomes a sort of analogy of forgetting, of erased memories.”

Filip Vest (*1995) is an artist and student at the Kunstakademiet Malmö.

Thank you to Illux for the support.

Artworks in the remixes

Below you can see a small selection of the many artworks Filip Vest has used in his remixes. Click on the images for more information.