Jamie Seaboch / EyeQ Innovations

4 digital collages

A funeral party walking by, two by two, each couple inside their own frame in an endless series of frames-within-frames. This is just one of many scenarios created by graphic designer Jamie Seaboch, building upon SMK’s collection of images in the public domain.

In Seaboch’s playful remixes of masterpieces from the collections, various styles, motifs, and techniques are mashed-up in a way that is both chaotic and anachronistic while at the same time they each present a new tableau and narrative. The collages can be seen as the product of an exploration of our shared cultural heritage, and hopefully they may also inspire the viewer to a closer investigation of the works in question, a scavenger hunt for details.

Jamie Seaboch (EyeQ Innovations)
(*1958, US) Virginia Commonwealth University, Communication Arts and Design

Jamie Seaboch / EyeQ Innovations, 4 digital collages

CC BY-SA 4.0

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