Louise Campbell

Centerpieces – dimensionally stable sections from works, printed and mounted on round sticks

“There are endless approaches to composition. Formal, traditionbound systems towards finding balance include the rule of thirds, the golden section, working along the diagonal axis, circle composition etc.

One little experiment could be to play with the formality of the past by focusing specifically at the exact center sections of each painting. To copy these lines and give them their own space, illustrating the core of activity and colour of the work from which they are taken – what do you attain by this, essence or accidence?”

Curious about the formal expressions of the paintings – especially the compositional harmony that many of the works aim at – Louise Campbell has made exact measurements of the vertical middle section of each painting in the collection of public domain images from Danish and Nordic Art 1750-1900 and European Art 1300-1800 on view in the galleries. The narrow sections from each work have been printed in the same scale as the original works, wrapped around wooden sticks, and sorted according to the two categories mentioned above. The result is a series of colour code-like sticks that, seen together, give an impression of both variations and similarities within the displayed works as regards colouring, saturation and size.

Louise Campbell (*1970, DK/UK)
educated from The Danish Design School 1995

Louise Campbell, Centerpieces
CC BY-SA 4.0

The artwork in the remix

Here you can see one of the artworks Louise Campbell has used in her remix:

Kristian Zahrtmann, The Death of Queen Sophie Amalie, 1882, KMS1231.
More info and free download of high resolution image | Public Domain