Michael Boelt Fischer

Untitled – 3 inkjet prints installed in archival boxes

With his pieces, Michael Boelt Fischer explores the digital afterlife of the artwork and draws attention to how digitisation remediates everything to the flat screen. In the exhibition, three collages are presented which are created from works in SMK’s collections and explore the circumstances under which the works continue to live on the Internet. The collages are made from digital files as well as tangible objects that are layered and then scanned.

“In a random google search the artwork may be featured alongside detergents or family photographs. They might be turned into fashion lines, mugs, rugs and bed linens or, as is the case here, serve as imagery for new works of art. One might argue that the digital afterlife of the artwork is a ready-made in reverse.

Michael Boelt Fischer (*1974, DK) visual artist, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

Michael Boelt, Untitled
CC BY-SA 4.0

Artworks in the remixes

Here you can see one of the artworks Michael Boelt Fischer has used in his remixes:

Ambrogio Lorenzetti (before 1317 - c. 1348), St. John the Baptist, 1337-42, KMS8314.
More info and free download of hig resolution image | Public Domain

August Strindberg Swedish, Storm in the Skerries. "The Flying Dutchman", 1892. KMS3432
Public Domain