Neea Laakso

Free? laser cut light-and-shadow piece

C.W. Eckersberg’s (1783-1853) double portrait of the sisters Bella and Hanna. The Eldest Daughters of M.L. Nathanson (1820) serve as the main base for Neea Laakso’s empathetic light-and-shadow piece. In the original painting, the birdcage has been interpreted as a symbol of the lives of young women at the time, who were also trapped, somehow, in certain gender and family patterns, and by society’s expectations to them. Inspired by different depictions of birds in the SMK collection, Neea Laakso’s work reflects on the question of freedom.

"I saw another Danish piece in the museum, which portrays a bird flying over a summery landscape, something I imagine must be true freedom for a bird. So I started to think about freedom in a wider perspective. Today we have a lot of freedom, yet still many feel trapped within thoughts, beliefs, expectations, habits etc. How to let go of all that?"

Neea Laakso (*1981, FI)
BA of Media: Communications and Graphic Design, studying for an MA

Neea Laakso, Free?
CC BY-SA 4.0

The artwork in the remix

Here you can see one of the artworks Neea Laakso has used in her remix:

C.W. Eckersberg, Bella and Hanna. The Eldest Daughters of M.L. Nathanson, 1820, KMS3498.
More info and free download of high resolution image | Public Domain