Søren Rønholt

Camilla / 4 digital photographs

Søren Rønholt’s photographic portrait series Camilla paraphrases Vilhelm Hammershøi’s (1864-1916) work Ida Hammershøi, the Artist’s Wife, with a Teacup (1907). The photographic update of Hammershøi’s painting shows how familiar Hammerhøi’s simple arrangement actually is to our contemporary reality, from the clothing and hairstyle to the cup Ida is holding. Hammershøi made ongoing portraits of his wife, Ida, in various arrangements and from different angles. Through the model’s different positions at the table, Søren Rønholt examines and experiments with some of the poses that you find in Hammershøi, including downcast eyes and sitting or standing with the back turned towards the spectator.

“I am very inspired by Hammerhøi’s melancholy and the way he works with space. But my digital processing has a more contemporary expression and steps out of the gloom that characterizes Hammershøi and this work in particular.”

Søren Rønholt (*1969, DK)
autodidact photographer

Søren Rønholt, Camilla
CC BY-SA 4.0

The artwork in the remix

Here you can see the artwork Søren Rønholt has used in his remix:

Vilhelm Hammershøi, Ida Hammershøi, the Artist's Wife, with a Teacup, 1907, KMS3352.
Public Domain