Thorbjørn Andersen

Desktop with Photographs, Cereals and Painkillers – installation, 3D-collage

Thorbjørn Andersen has made a remix of C. N. Gijsbrechts’ (ca. 1610-after 1675) letter rack, and arranged materials of different kinds flat on a tabletop as a 3D collage. The materials comprise bank and shopping receipts, printed matter such as magazines and photographs, and everyday detritus related to his own artistic practice and life. The arrangements are loose, in contrast to the ordered structure of the letter racs of Gijsbrechts.  In this way, the letter rack has been turned into an artist’s “desktop”, in both a physical and virtual sense, an exchange-place where information and materials flow and pile up in more or less structured fashion.

“The piece is a reflection of the artist's life and of some of the external factors (such as state and law, Internet communication, commercial power and sponsorship) that play a role in a contemporary person’s life. My reason for choosing the work of Gijsbrechts is the way this painting seems like a contemporary document, similar to a snapshot or a tumblr still-life. The visual material becomes memory.”

Thorbjørn Andersen (*1977, DK)
artist, studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 1999-2007 and Slade School of Art, London 2004-2006

Thorbjørn Andersen, Desktop with Photographs, Cereals and Painkillers
CC BY-SA 4.0

The artwork in the remix

Here you can see the artwork Thorbjørn Andersen has used in his remix:

Cornelius Norbertus Gijsbrechts: Trompe l'oeil of a Letter Rack with Christian V's Proclamation, 1671, KMS1902.
Public Domain