Nairy Baghramian

Nairy Baghramian: SÅ LÆNGE DET VARER*

Exhibition period: 7 December 2017 – 2 April 2018

In the exhibition SÅ LÆNGE DET VARER* [As long as it lasts] in the x-room at SMK you could explore an entirely new project by the internationally acclaimed German artist Nairy Baghramian.

Inspired by an iconic steel grid structure from the exhibition venue The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, the artist produced an installation especially for SMK. A large, sculptural piece consisting of milky, semi-transparent forms balancing precariously on tall, shiny legs.

Gillian Wearing. Family Stories

Gillian Wearing – Family Stories

Exhibition period: 13 October 2017 – 7 January 2018

The exhibition showed a range of Wearing's works of art created from 1992 to the present day. The exhibition mainly consisted of photographs and video pieces in which she uses image formats that are commonly seen in everyday life: family photographs, snapshots, TV shows and home videos.

The works in the exhibition all centred on families and family life. This also held true for the new piece
A Real Danish Family; a large-scale public bronze sculpture representing a real Danish family.

What Lies Unspoken

What Lies Unspoken

Exhibition period: 5 May 2017 – 1 January 2018

The special display used a sound collage of contemporary conversations and discussions to explore works from the SMK collections that depict people of African descent or can be linked to Denmark’s past as a colonial ruler. 
The exhibition offered new perspectives on familiar works of art we thought we knew so well. And delve into stories that have hitherto lain unspoken in art works by C.W. Eckersberg, Astrid Holm, Nicolai Abildgaard and Jens Juel.

Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders

Exhibition period: 12 August – 26 November

Artists have always been adventurous, travelling out into the world in order to get new ideas and inspire others. The exhibition explores how artists crossed great distances during the years 1300 to 1800 – driven first by necessity, then by an urge for adventure.

The exhibition also includes a range of works from the SMK collection painted by great masters such as Andrea Mantegna, Lucas Cranach the Elder, Jacob Jordaens, Rembrandt van Rijn and many more.

Mark Leckey

Mark Leckey

Exhibition period:
4 May - 29 October

The internationally acclaimed artist Mark Leckey took over the x-room venue with an installation produced especially for SMK: A gigantic motorway bridge from his childhood. 

With the exhibition He Thrusts his Fists against the Posts but Still Insists he Sees the Ghosts Leckey invited audiences back to the ramps underneath the motorway bridge in his home town.

Pictures and Power

Pictures and Power. The Visual Politics of Christian II

Exhibition period 15 june – 10 september 2017

The exhibition focused on Christian II as one of Denmark’s most fascinating kings – and the first Danish king to properly use visual art to promote himself and his political agendas. In the exhibition you could explore how he used art as a tool to aid his political strategies.

The exhibition featured paintings, drawings, engravings and woodcuts by artists such as Albrecht Dürer, Jan Gossart, Michiel Sittow and Lucas Cranach the Elder.

Nordic Highlights – Focus on Danish and Nordic Art 1750–1900

Nordic Highlights

Exhibition period:
8 April - 13 August

SMK brings out its very best Nordic works of art. Come and enjoy bright summer nights, golden cornfields and magnificent Nordic wildernesses.

Go back in time to the dawn of Nordic art in the nineteenth century in the company of famous artists such as Edvard Munch, Vilhelm Hammershøi, C.W. Eckersberg, Nicolai Abildgaard, Anna Ancher and many more.


Japanomania 1875 - 1918

Exhibition period: 19 January – 23 April 2017

What happens when the North meets Japan? An exhibition about the transformative impact of Japonisme in Nordic art.

Exotic geishas, new ways of depicting nature and rarefied aesthetics. Encountering Japanese art changes the European art scene in the second half of the nineteenth century, and the widespread enthusiasm for all things Japanese also makes itself felt in Nordic art.

Two Worlds as One

Exhibition period: 7 October 2016 – 19 February 2017

Many roads lead into Aisha Khalid’s art – and many worlds unfold in the Pakistani contemporary artist’s hypnotic art, which is executed with great precision. In this exhibition children and families could explore a realm full of patterns that flicker before your eyes, hiding veiled women, fairy-tale figures and holes opening up on other worlds. Beneath the surface you can also find stories about how identities are formed, about power structures and Western ideas about Pakistan.

FOCUS ON – Danish and International Art after 1900

Focus on Danish and International Art after 1900

Exhibition period:
17 January - 17 April

In an exhibition with special focus on modern and contemporary art you could view a selection of SMK's highlights. The exhibition forged links across different periods including expressionism, Surrealism, political art and experimental art.

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