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The exhibition Tacita Dean ­– Print Projects presented the vast majority of all the graphic art ever created by the artist.

Tacita Dean (b.1965) is best known for her extensive production of art films, but concurrently with her filmmaking she has developed a keen love for graphic art in the form of prints on paper. The exhibition at the SMK was the first ever to devote itself exclusively to Dean’s work within the graphic medium.

Hidden narratives

Tacita Dean’s works of art are often about memory and time. In preparation for her projects she very carefully collects materials and information – for example at flea markets, where she finds old postcards, advertising materials, and amateur photographs that are used as the basis for new narratives. However, Dean almost always holds back a little, keeping part of the narrative hidden from us. As viewers we sense that powerful stories are at play in her works, but the narratives remain incoherent and veiled.

Working with photogravure

Dean transfers still images from her own films and from found photographs to plates, printing the images onto paper by means of the intaglio method. In this way she combines photography and graphic art to conjure up a distinctive tactile effect that gives the images a strong physical immediacy and presence. Photogravure is Tacita Dean’s preferred printmaking technique.

The Royal Collection of Graphic Art

The exhibition was part of a series displaying works from The Royal Collection of Graphic Art, which is one of the oldest collections of its kind in the world and home to more than 240,000 drawings, prints, woodcuts, watercolours, etc.

Read about The Royal Collection of Graphic Art

To accompany the exhibition the SMK published a catalogue featuring an article by Chief Curator and Senior Researcher Vibeke Knudsen, who curated the exhibition.

Find the book in the Bookshop or at Arnold Busck.

Read more:

Tacita Dean, Palast, 2005.

© Tacita Dean, fra serien Palast, 2005.

Tacita Dean, Dead Budgie Project, 2002. Courtesy of the artist, Niels Borch Jensen Editions, Frith Street Gallery, London & Marian Goodman Gallery, New York/Paris

Tacita Dean, fra serien Dead Budgie Project, 2002.

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