The Royal Cast Collection

At special events you can discover the plaster sculptures and explore figures, pagan gods and Christian art.

The Royal Cast Collection is part of the SMK, but you'll find the over 2000 casts, which make up the collection, at the Westindian Warehouse. Originally the warehouse was built to accommodate sugar and rum. But in 1984 the Royal Cast Collection moved in and turned the warehouse into an exhibitionspace.

Discover naked figures
The Royal Cast Collection will be open for special events, so you can explore thousands of naked figures, which unveils the stories about everything from pagan gods to Christian stories.

Dive into The Royal Cast Collection's turbulent history

Visiting information

The Royal Cast Collection
"The Westindian Warehouse"
Toldbodgade 40
1253 København K

The Royal Cast Collection will be open for special events.

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The history of the Cast Collection

The history

The Royal Cast Collection was founded in 1895 and today it consists of c. 2000 plaster casts. Read the history of the collection.



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