Asger Jorn. Photo: Studio Gallo, Albisola Mare, Italy.

What's on | 6.mar.2014

Asger Jorn – Restless Rebel

This year's major spring exhibition Asger Jorn – Restless Rebel tells the whole story about the world-famous Danish artist. Popular polemicist, successful activity, and sophisticated dabbler in paints? Asger Jorn was all of these things and more.

Asger Jorn – isn't he that Cobra painter with the big, colourful canvases? Yes, he was, but Jorn is also much more than that. This is demonstrated by the SMK's large-scale and ambitious exhibition celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Asger Jorn.

The exhibition gives you a full 360-degree view of this truly unique figure on the Danish art scene. Asger Jorn kept experimenting throughout his life; he was keenly interested and involved in politics and created paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, ceramics, architecture, collaborative projects, photography, texts, and thoughts.

The exhibition shows us an artist who was always on the move, spanning everything from his most important and best-known masterpieces to rarely-seen gems from private collections. From the political awakening of his youth to the liberation of colour and form during the Cobra years to his increasingly avant-garde experiments.

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The exhibition was created in close co-operation with Museum Jorn in Silkeborg, which will also celebrate the centenary of Jorn's birth by presenting an exhibition about Jorn's international connections and sources of inspiration.

Explore the exhibition with an audio guide

We have created an audio guide especially for this exhibition, allowing you to listen as artists, curators, and experts talk about Asger Jorn's many original and radical ideas.

Click here to listen to the audio guide on your phone

You are also welcome to borrow an iPod from the museum's Information Desk – or earphones for your own device.

Jorn for children

If you are visiting the exhibition in the company of children, please note that we have created 11 videos especially aimed at children – one video for each of the exhibition themes. In the films, a puppet version of Jorn gives a tour of his studio, talking about his life and art.

Click here to watch the 11 videos on your smartphone

You are also welcome to borrow an iPod from the museum's Information Desk – or earphones for your own device.

Guided tours, table football, and much more

Every Sunday at 3 you can join us for a guided tour of the exhibition. The tour itself is free, but of course the usual admission fee for the exhibition itself still applies. Tickets for the guided tour are available from the Information Desk from 2.30 on the day of the tour.

You can also try your hand at triolectic football – a special version of the much-loved and familiar football game. Jorn wanted to find out what would happen if you played football with three teams rather than two. You can find a table-game version of triolectic football in the Old Ballroom.

During the exhibition run you will also have the opportunity to listen to lectures, experience an SMK Fridays event focusing on Asger Jorn, get creative at the workshop, and much more.

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