Michael Elmgreen og Ingar Dragset, Please, keep quiet, 2003, voksfigurer, hospitalsinteriør, diverse objekter, KMS8324, SMK. © Elmgreen og Dragset/

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Upcoming highlights in 2014

In 2014 the museum’s offerings include a world-famous restless rebel, the artists’ duo Elmgreen & Dragset, and a brand-new museum garden.

New museum garden

Piles of gravel, large machines and extensive construction work have long greeted the museum’s visitors at our entrance, but in the autumn of 2014 the new Museum Garden will finally be ready. The garden will feature green grass-covered mounds, curving paths, and a large pool that can also double as a stage. The net result will be a striking new recreational space in the heart of Copenhagen.

Tacita Dean – Print Projects

17 January - 18 May
The exhibition focuses on the internationally acclaimed artist Tacita Dean, specifically on her graphic works, which have been created in collaboration with Danish printer Niels Borch Jensen. In her print works she explores a recurring motif in her art: the relationship between memory and time, fiction, and reality.

Asger Jorn – Restless Rebel

28 February - 15 June
Asger Jorn, who would have turned 100 on 3 March 2014, is one of the best known Danish artists of all time. Now, the SMK celebrates this tremendous presence on the Danish art scene with a large-scale special exhibition. The exhibition will expand the familiar image of Asger Jorn the CoBrA painter, for Jorn was so much more: controversial debater, philosopher, writer, and communist.
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Elmgreen & Dragset Biography

19 September 2014 - 4 January 2015
Elmgreen & Dragset are two of the greatest starts on the international contemporary art scene. One of the recurring themes in their art is concerned with changing the function of objects and rooms. In their works Elmgreen & Dragset challenge and confound our expectations by creating paradoxical, seemingly misplaced scenarios, often to startling effect.
About the exhibition

Henrik Olesen: Leaving the Parents

23 May - autumn 2014
The artist Henrik Olesen focuses on the process of liberation that may, and may not, take place for a young person leaving their parents to seek out new values in life. Throughout his career Henrik Olesen has worked with a nuanced perception of identity politics as viewed from the perspective of a gay man.

Puppet show, guided tours with a theatrical twist, and SMK Fridays

In 2014 you will once again have many opportunities for experiencing art in entirely new ways at the SMK. For example, you can see the British artist Simon Starling’s slapstick puppet show and join a theatrical tour of the exhibition Asger Jorn - Restless Rebel. The SMK Fridays events will also return, setting up Friday bar nights and paving the way for even more fruitful encounters between literature, music, and art.

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