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Get a private guided tour of the SMK

Did you know that we offer private guided tours to groups? Join us on themed tours about hunting, fashion, the body, Danish Golden Age art, or scandalous art. You can also order customised tours that reflect your particular interests.

Have you thought about visiting us with your company, family, art association, mothers’ group or bachelor party? Then book a private tour. Your guided tour can focus on our current exhibitions or on our permanent collections, which span 700 years of art from Denmark and abroad.

Witch hunts, birthday suits, and art scandals

Your tour will take you on a journey through the wealth of stories that art has to offer. For example, the dramatic tour about hunting will focus on themes such as persecution, witch hunts, exclusion, and guilt and innocence. Or you can trace the history of fashion in a guided tour that zooms in on powdered wigs, feminist shirts, and birthday suits.

Our guided tours about scandalous art look at art that have prompted controversy, outrage, and scandals through the ages. And the tour about the body in art lets you explore how artists have used the body to tell stories about beauty, sexuality, ideals, and values.

See more themes for private guided tours

Of course you can book a guided tour of our current exhibition Flowers and World Views – or order a customised tour to match your specific interests.

Practical information

  • A guided tour has a duration of approximately one hour
  • Maximum number of participants: 28 per tour
  • Price of a one-hour tour: DKK 1,000
  • Guided tours must be booked via the museum’s Booking service no later than one week in advance
  • The Booking department can be reached by telephone on (+45) 3374 8484 Mondays – Fridays from 10.00 to 14.00. Email:
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