What's on | Exhibition | 29.jun.2017

Get your view exhibited at SMK

Want to be a part of an exhibition at SMK, National Gallery of Denmark? All you need is to film the view from your window and submit it, to be part of Gillian Wearing's unique global film project titled Your Views.

British artist Gillian Wearing has been collecting filmed views from peoples windows from all over the world and would love to include as many different views from windows in Denmark. The film will be screened at SMK, National Gallery of Denmark this autumn as part the exhibition Gillian Wearing – Families Stories.

Everyone who submits views based on the simple guidelines will be included in the film and will be credited at the museum for their participation. They will also receive a short film with their view and other peoples views on.

Deadline: the 18th of August 2017.


  • Film your view on a camera or camera phone. The camera must be either on a tripod or put on a surface so it doesn't move. If you are filming on your phone please shoot horizontally (landscape) and not vertically (portrait).

  • Important: Begin your recording by opening your curtains or blinds to reveal the view. It does not matter whether the view shows a forest or the side of a tall building. All views are valid!

  • Submit your video at where you will also find a more detailed guide to how to film your view with examples of other views.
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