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What's on | 22.mar.2018

Amalie Smith creates video project for SMK

In an all-new video project created especially for SMK, artist and writer Amalie Smith focuses on the museum’s digital collection.

Artist  and writer Amalie Smith has created the video project ENTER especially for SMK. You can watch the teaser for the project here. 

ENTER takes place in a fictional future where the museum collections have been uploaded and lead their own digital lives online. The collection’s figurative paintings have merged, forming a three-dimensional digital architecture inhabited by a group of conscious digital entities – among them a moth that flew into the US military’s Mark II computer in 1947 and since became known as ‘the original computer bug'’.

About Amalie Smith
Amalie Smith (born 1985) graduated from Forfatterskolen (The Danish creative writing school) in 2009 and from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2015.

Her works are predominantly focused on text and image, video, room and sound. She has published seven books, the latest being Et hjerte i alt from 2015. That same year she received a three year work grant from the Danish Arts Foundation

You can experience her artist intervention in the SMK cinema from 16 March - 9 September. The video is shown in loop and lasts 7:40 minutes.


During the course of the last two years, SMK has invited a number of artists to stage various interventions in the museum collections. They create alternative ways of presenting and talking about art, offering new perspectives and approaches in addition to those provided by the museum itself.

The video ENTER by Amalie Smith is the sixth project in the series of artist interventions.

Previous interventions

Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen

Christian Falsnaes

Henrik Plenge Jakobsen


Concept and script: Amalie Smith
Photographer: David Stjernholm Sound design: Amalie Smith Music: Sonja LaBianca(saxofon)
3D animation by: William Reynish
3D animation of paintings: Amalie Smith
Paintings: The SMK collection
Editing: Amalie Smith
Cast: Jakob Skou-Hansen, Rikke Zinck

Artworks from the SMK Collection featured in the video:
A scene from Mont Salève, Switzerland, after a wassail by Jens Juel (KKSgb4432), View from the Artist’s Window by Martinus Rørbye (KMS7452),Interior in Strandgade, Sunlight on the Floor by Vilhelm Hammershøi (KMS3696), Autumn Crocus in a Window by Johannes Larsen (KMS3949), A Sculptor (Christen Christensen) in his Studio Working after the Life by Wilhelm Bendz (KMS62), Plucking the Geese by Anna Ancher (KMS1845),Breton Girl Looking After Plants in the Hothouse by Anna Petersen (KMS8289), The Midwife Taking Leave of the girl from Andros. From Terence´s Andria by Nicolai Abildgaard (KMS589), A Group of Danish Artists in Rome by Constantin Hansen (KMS 3236), A Funeral by Frants Henningsen (KMS1218), A Sardinery at Concarneau, Brittany by P.S. Krøyer (KMS3108), The Death of Queen Sophie Amalie by Kristian Zahrtmann (KMS1231), The Garden Steps Leading to the Artist's Studio on Blegdammen, Copenhagen by Christen Købke (KMS6605), Family Portrait by Emil Bærentzen (KMS8588), The Iron Foundry, Burmeister and Wain by P.S. Krøyer (KMS3605) and A Funeral by Anna Ancher (KMS1433).

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation 

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