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Mark Leckey exhibition extended

"I'd like museumgoers to have a psychedelic experience when they step into the room. I’d like the light, the scale of the bridge and the music to transport them to a different state of mind."

If you haven't been under the bridge yet, you still have a chance. The exhibition with Mark Leckey is extended until 29 October.

British artist Mark Leckey grew up outside Liverpool. With the exhibition he invites you to join him in returning to a very distinctive place from his own childhood: the ramps underneath the M53 motorway bridge in Ellesmere Port. 

For the x-room venue he has recreated the bridge and ramps where he and his friends hung out in the early 1970s. According to Leckey, all his works are a kind of exorcism – the urge to create a work arises when something becomes too toxic and must be expelled and eradicated.

The total installation involves not only a giant phantom bridge awash with sodium lights, but also peeling posters and a new audio piece embedding the entire installation in an immersive soundscape.

Ever since the late 90s Leckey has been a prominent figure on the international contemporary art scene. He first shot to fame with his 1999 video work Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore, a celebration of British dance culture, and in recent years Leckey has reaffirmed his position.

9 October is the last chance to see the exhibition He Thrusts His Fists Against the Posts But Still Insists He Sees the Ghosts.

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