Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg, En sejllads til Charlottenlund, 1824.

Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg, En sejllads til Charlottenlund, 1824.

News about the art | 11.mar.2013

New painting by Eckersberg

SMK has just acquired a remarkable painting by Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg. The painting is already on display in room 217C.

SMK owns the world’s most comprehensive and important collection of Eckersberg’s art. Most aspects of his life’s work are represented by the works already owned by the museum, meaning that we only consider adding to the collection when extraordinarily good and significant works emerge on the art market.  One such work is Sailing from Copenhagen to Charlottenlund, which the museum bought at an auction held by Bruun Rasmussen Kunstauktioner last week. The painting is on display in room sal 217C.

A masterpiece of Golden Age art

Sailing from Copenhagen to Charlottenlund is one of the most successful and sophisticated of Eckersberg’s paintings. He painted several marine scenes and would experiment with different devices and approaches. Sometimes he would observe the ships from a position on dry land, i.e. from afar, and at other times he would view them from an imaginary perfect position in the middle of the sea. In Sailing from Copenhagen to Charlottenlund he has framed his subject matter within a circle as if observed through a telescope. A highly original move that makes the painting stand out within Eckersberg’s overall production.

About Eckersberg

Eckersberg is called "the father of Danish painting", and while this may be going too far he undoubtedly left a lasting impression on Danish art. He inspired subsequent generations of artists, and his students included some of the best Danish artists of the 19th century, including Christen Købke, Martinus Rørbye, Wilhelm Bendz, and Constantin Hansen. For these reasons he is regarded as the undeniable main figure of Danish Golden Age (first half of the 19th century) art.

International interest

International interest in Eckersberg’s art is growing. In 2003 the National Gallery of Art in Washington staged a major solo show about the artist in conjunction with the SMK, and the museum recently entered into collaboration with the Louvre regarding an exhibition in Paris in the autumn of 2015. That exhibition will subsequently be shown at the SMK in the spring of 2016 and will be the first major Eckersberg exhibition in Denmark since 1983.

More about Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg

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