To personer i gang med at se på et kunstværk på museet. Frida Gregersen. SMK-foto

Frida Gregersen. SMK-foto

Behind | 25.oct.2012

New mobile map of the Gallery

Tired of getting lost at museums? Looking for the nearest lavatory? Now, you can get instant help at the Gallery with an all-new feature: use Google Maps as an indoor map of the National Gallery of Denmark.

Together with Google we have created a complete overview – available on your mobile phone – of the many exhibition rooms and all the Gallery’s other facilities such as the café, lavatories, stairs, lifts, and so on.

We hope that this map will make it easier for you to navigate the Gallery. We would very much like to hear about your experiences with using the map. Contact us by submitting your comment here – or send us an email at

How can I use the map?

From Tuesday 23 October 2012 you can use the map on any updated Android phone. Simply open Google Maps (version 6.12.0) and ask the map to identify your position – alternatively you can zoom in on the National Gallery of Denmark/SMK or search for us. Your position shows up as a blue dot on the map.

Where else can I use the map?

Earlier this year Google Maps launched maps of the interiors of a range of American and European museums, including the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and the American Museum of Natural History.

In Denmark you can also use Google’s maps at the Royal Library, at the National Museum of Denmark, the Copenhagen Airport, and a range of railway stations, shopping malls, and shops. More destinations are added regularly.  

Read more about the collections and all the rooms

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