Vilhelm Hammershøi, Interior in Strandgade with Sunlight on the Floor, 1901

Behind | 14.dec.2012

Collect your favourite works of art in your own digital gallery

The Google Art Project allows you to create your very own gallery featuring art from more than 150 art collections across the world, including masterpieces from SMK. Director at SMK Karsten Ohrt, workshop manager Michael Hansen, and art pilot Martine Seedorf have all created their own galleries which are now available for public viewing online at the Google Art Project.

Very few people will ever physically visit the number of museums that art lovers can now access via the Google Art Project. Here, users can take a visual tour of more than 35,000 works of art from more than 150 art collections.

With just a few clicks users can pick their favourite works from a wide selection of paintings, sculpture, street art, and photo art, combining them in personal galleries that they can comment on and share with others. Three people from SMK have done this. Explore the galleries created by museum director Karsten Ohrt, art pilot Martine Seedorf, and workshop manager Michael Hansen – and be inspired to create your own:

Karsten Ohrt, Museum Director

Martine Seedorf, Art Pilot

Michael Hansen, Workshop Manager

Art Pilot Martine Seedorf talks about her gallery

Martine Seedorf is an Art Pilot with SMK. As such, she is part of the U.L.K. Art Labs, a group of 29 volunteers aged 15 to 25 who offer SMK advice on peer-to-peer communication for young people. Her volunteer work with art at SMK inspired her to create her own gallery with the Google Art Project. Martine Seedorf’s favourite work of art is undoubtedly Interior in Strandgade, Sunlight on the Floor from 1901 by Vilhelm Hammershøi.

"The Hammershøi painting is my favourite because his spatial approach piques my interest in the room and its architecture,” says Martine Seedorf, whose gallery also includes works by Theodor Philipsen and Johannes Simon Holtzbecher.

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