Laocoön and His Sons, 1st century BCE

Laocoön and His Sons, 1st century BCE

What's on | 8.may.2013

Silent movies in a museum setting

The Royal Cast Collection fills the Vestindisk Pakhus, an old warehouse on the Copenhagen Harbour. On Sundays and Tuesdays we screen silent movies at the venerable building.

The Royal Cast Collection is full of copies of the many world-famous statues of antiquity. Reflecting this, we have teamed up with the Danish Film Institute to find two old black-and-white silent movies that focus on classical antiquity.

On Sundays at 2 p.m. we show l Cabiria, an Italian silent movie from 1914 by Gabriele d’Annunzio. The film’s duration is approximately two hours. It tells the story of the young girl Cabiria, who is sold into slavery, but rescued from being sacrificed to Moloch in Carthage by Fulvius – a wealthy Roman citizen who acts as a spy for the Roman army. The Romans are approaching Carthage to destroy the city in retribution for Hannibal’s attack on the Roman Empire. Cabiria holds an important position within film history because it offers the first example of the camera moving across the scene instead of showing a single, firmly fixed gaze. The film inspired the director D. W. Griffith to create the film Intolerance by demonstrating how film can be used to tell longer stories and to make the past come alive.

On Tuesdays at 10 we show the film Intolerance. The film, which has a duration of approximately three hours, is shown on a loop until the Royal Cast Collection closes at 4. Intolerance is an anti-war film from 1916 by D.W. Griffith. From classical antiquity to Griffith’s own day it relates the story of good battling evil. Featuring 3,000 extras in the main scenes, the film is a monument within the history of cinema.

The Royal Cast Collection is housed at the Vestindisk Pakhus, Toldbodgade 40, Copenhagen. Dropping by and watching the films is entirely free. No advance booking required.

The films are screened every Sunday and Tuesday in 2013.

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