The Art Pilots shortly after receiving their award.

The Art Pilots shortly after receiving their award.

Behind | 19.nov.2013

SMK Art Pilots win people’s choice award

Every year the Metroselskabet (the partly state-owned, partly municipal company responsible for the Copenhagen Metro) presents two awards – a jury award and a People’s Choice award – to the best projects created on the fences surrounding the Metro construction sites. This year, the SMK’s young volunteer Art Pilots won the people’s choice award for their work on the metro fence by the so-called Marble Church.

In the spring of 2013 the art pilots lavished a lot of energy on decorating the fences surrounding the Metro building sites at Solbjerg Plads in Frederiksberg and at the Marble Church (officially called Frederiks Kirke) in Copenhagen. 

On the fences surrounding the metro building site at Solbjerg Plads the art pilots co-operated with locals to create two giant "flowers" out of photographs of famous paintings by e.g. P.S. Krøyer and Vilhelm Hammershøi.

The fences at the Marble Church building site was decorated by a massive photo collage consisting of a remix of artworks from the SMK, also created in co-operation with local resident.  All of the paintings used for the work are available to download by the general public. 

See the works available for download here

The photo collage holds the record as Denmark’s largest photograph, and it was this work that won the art pilots the 2013 "Hegnspæl" (literally "Fence Pole") award on 14 November. Metroselskabet gave the following reason for nominating the project for the award:

" takes an explorative, respectful approach to the architecture of the site and to its neighbours. The motifs form a cohesive whole on the long fences, which works well and makes the fences a more suitable neighbour for the splendid buildings surrounding the Marble Church. The various individual elements make the images fun for art aficionados, but at the same time they work well for tourists and locals with no in-depth knowledge of art history."

While the art pilots won the people’s choice awards, the jury’s award went to Claus Ankersen for ALTID – din gamle røver at Enghave Plads.

A total of 13 projects were nominated based on these criteria:

  • The project must improve the urban space
  • The project must be site specific or context specific
  • The project must be anchored in the local community
  • The project must actively involve citizens
  • The project must be original
  • The project must be interactive

The decorative projects on the two metro fences are up until the spring of 2014.

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