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Join us for queer tango, art talks, art performances, queer film and a queer dj-set with Djurna Barnes.

| 1.may.2014

SMK Fridays: The art is queer

Art gets queered when the SMK opens its doors on Friday 9 May to welcome everyone to the last SMK Fridays event of the spring. Join us for queer tango, queer-themed films, and a queer DJ set courtesy of Djurna Barnes – and experience the multi-faceted artist Goodiepal live on the SMK’s Fazioli grand piano.

Why is there a bicycle car in the museum’s Sculpture Street, placed on a stack of documents and surrounded by notebooks, shoe polish, and nuts and bolts? Together, the many and varied objects constitute the work of art El Camino del Hardcore ≈ Journey to the Centre of the North, 2012.

The work was created by Goodiepal – a multi-faceted artist who has attracted attention as a visionary electronica musician, artist, and overall enfant terrible. Or, perhaps more accurately, as a rebel who has continuously fought against authorities and deeply embedded thoughts and ideas.

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Concert performance

In 2012 he sold most of his belongings. He packed what remains into the velomobile that is now on display in the Sculpture Street and pedalled his way to the Netherlands, the UK, and Germany.

To help mark the installation of the work of art at the SMK we succeeded in tracking down the artist – who owns no telephone – and persuaded him to join us and perform the concert performance Audiosvar #29: A touch Down Deep into Nordic Landscape Painting & Depicturing for SMK Fridays.

Queer tango, readings, and artist DJ

It still takes two to tango, but it won’t necessarily be the man who takes the lead when the Queer Tango society invites you to dance. In queer tango you are free to choose whether you will lead or follow – and you can switch roles as you go. Everyone is welcome to join in.

The evening also offers readings in the SMK rooms featuring writers who work with or respond to queer themes, as well as queer experimental films screened in the SMK cinema; the selection was curated by Mix Copenhagen – the Copenhagen LGBT film festival.

DJ Djuna Barnes gets the SMK Fridays event off to a flying start with a DJ set inspired by the evening’s theme, and the artist Hannah Heilmann, formerly of the now-dissolved artists’ group Ingen Frygt (No Fear), will conclude the evening as this evening’s artist DJ.

As always the evening will feature bars selling beer and street food.

9 May 2014 from 16.00 – 22-00. Free admission.

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