SMK Fridays 7 March

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SMK Fridays

On 7 March we focus on Asger Jorn. We invite you to try out action painting, to take crash courses on this ever-rebellious artist, and to play out football tournaments on a hexagonal table – all of it supplemented by drinks, an artist DJ, street food, and lots of art.

When the SMK opens its doors to yet another Friday night event that mixes art, music, art talks, films, a Friday bar, and street-kitchen food we focus on the life and art of Asger Jorn. Admission is free – and the museum stays open until 10 p.m.

Crash course or in-depth study?

Jorn is known as the Cobra painter with the big, colourful canvases. But Jorn is much more than that! Get to grips with Jorn with one of our 15-minute crash courses, packed with keen insights into Jorn the man, the artist, and the social critic. You can also watch the documentary film Asger Jorn: I begyndelsen var billedet (Asger Jorn: In the Beginning was the Image) in our cinema. 

If you want to immerse yourself in the full, rich, and complex story about Asger Jorn you can explore our Spring exhibition Asger Jorn – Restless Rebel right up until eight o’clock.

During the SMK Fridays event on 7 March admission to the exhibition is free!

Try out Jorn’s techniques for yourself

The SMK Fridays event on 7 March allows you to follow in Jorn’s footsteps by trying out his techniques: drip paint onto canvases, unleash your creativity with action painting, and reinvigorate old works of art by putting your own stamp on them!

Read about Jorn’s experiments with form and colour

Challenge two world champions!

You have probably played football at some point, and you may also have played table football, but have you ever tried playing with three teams on a hexagonal table? Well, here’s your chance! And you can even challenge two table-football world champions to a game of this special, ‘triolectic’ version of table football.

Asger Jorn invented triolectic football in 1962: it was a thought experiment exploring what would happen if three teams were playing on the football field instead of two. 

More about triolectic football

New art in the Sculpture Street

The Sculpture Street has been home to Danh Vo’s dissembled Statue of Liberty for a year and a half, but now that exhibition – We The People (Detail) – has moved on to visit other parts of the world, and two new works of art have entered the Sculpture Street: a puppet theatre and a caravan. Though widely different, both works share one trait: They are intended to be used and enjoyed – at SMK Fridays, too. 
The caravan was originally created for a homeless shelter – Mændenes Hjem – by the artists FOS and Kenneth A. Baltfelt. Now, it is open to visitors at the SMK Fridays event. Come inside, rest your feet, and chat to the art educator and caravan aficionado Annette Skov about art and caravans. 

You can also go on a journey when the puppet theatre presents the play The Expedition. Hear more about the concept behind the puppet theatre when the SMK welcomes the artist behind the work, Simon Starling, for an artist talk.

Street food, drinks, and artist DJ

The Danish artist Simon Damkjær makes several musical nods to Asger Jorn when he takes over the Sculpture Street as this evening’s artist DJ. 

As usual you can enjoy street food from a mobile kitchen and drinks, beer, and soft drinks from the Friday bar set up in the Sculpture Street.

The next SMK Fridays events will take place on:

  • Friday 4 April
  • Friday 9 May

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