Museets facade på en sommerdag

I sommerferien summer SMK af kreative aktiviteter og omvisninger for både børn og voksne.

What's on | For children | 4.jul.2013

ART CPH – your new art guide in Copenhagen

With the new art guide, you can easily find your way through the many art experiences in Copenhagen. Get the latest art information from the city's art locations and tips from art experts.

In the spring 2013 a new app was published: ART CPH. The app is an art guide, displaying information about museums and galleries, current exhibitions, upcoming openings and events at Copenhagen art locations. As an extra feature you can get tips from art experts about the most interesting art experiences in the city right now.

Find your way to art in Copenhagen
The app is very easy to use. You can seach information about specific museums and galleries, or you can select a particular area of Copenhagen, you want to explore.

Furthermore, it's possible to create your own private art calender. You can also add museums and galleries to your own personal list. In this way you'll always easily be updated with the latest information about your favorite art locations.

Find SMK in the art guide
SMK is part of the new art guide of Copenhagen, and you can find information about the museum's exhibitions, events and openings.

We hope you'll enjoy the new art guide.

You can download ART CPH  from App Store.

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