© Michel Sittow, Christian II af Danmark, 1514/1515

Exhibition | What's on | 8.aug.2017

Last chance to see: Pictures and Power

Have you explored the exhibition about Christian II? The 10th of September is the last chance to explore the exhibition about one of Denmark's most fascinating kings.

Christian II (1481-1559) is one of Denmark’s most fascinating and famous kings. He was also the first Danish king to use visual art to promote himself and his political agendas. In the exhibition you can explore how he used art as a tool to aid his political strategies.

In the exhibition you can delve into and explore how Christian II used pictures strategically.

Paintings and prints by renowned artists

The exhibition features paintings, drawings, engravings and woodcuts by artists such as Albrecht Dürer, Jan Gossart, Michiel Sittow and Lucas Cranach the Elder.

The exhibition Pictures and Power: The Visual Politics of Christian II is on display until 10 September 2017.

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