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What's on | 8.aug.2017

Announcing the winner of the SMK Design Contest

In May we announced a jewellery competition, in which the 3D designs had to be based on six of the freely available digitized artworks from SMK.

The SMK and Shapeways committee has now selected the winner and the four runners up.

There have been more than 250 participants (you can see them all here).  The participants have shown a both professionalism, and creativity in the process of integrating the chosen digitized artworks from SMK in their 3D designs. Thank you to all participants!

The winner

The winner is “Melancholy” necklace SMK contest by 3different.

The designers say:

"We worked with 3 iconic geometric shapes depicted by Cranach: a sphere, a circle and a stick. We incorporated these 3 shapes in a design with the goal to have a full necklace made in “strong and flexible plastic” .

The runners-up

Four more pieces of jewellery was selected: Hammershøi by (in)SomniaThe Egyptian Ring SMK Contest by HRjewelry ShopBall HOOP Ring by mara mo og “At The French Window” Laurel Earrings – SMK by Cady Carlson Designs,

SMK looks forward to show the five selected jewellery in SMK’s main foyer in September. The jewellery will also be sold in the SMK shop and on

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