© An Architecture Composed of the Paintings of Richard Powers and Francis Picabia, Mike Kelley and Paul McCarthy, 1997

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Explore a new labyrinthine special display

Lose yourself – quite literally – in a huge labyrinthine installation in the special display Extracurricular. Artist Henrik Plenge Jakobsen has brought out a range of works from the museum’s storerooms. You can see the results at the SMK up until the autumn holidays of 2016.

Henrik Plenge Jakobsen

The special display Extracurricular is curated by the Danish artist Henrik Plenge Jakobsen. 
Plenge Jakobsen has exhibited his work in Denmark and abroad, where the social critique expressed in his art has attracted great attention with its provocative perspectives on public spaces and institutions.

The special display Extracurricular was created especially for the SMK Fridays – TOTAL INSTITUTION event on 29 April, where Henrik Plenge Jakobsen took control of the museum and composed an evening exactly as he saw fit.

Artist Henrik Plenge Jakobsen has brought rarely-seen works out of storage at the museum and used them to create the special display Extracurricular. His selection of works are presented in one of the SMK’s exhibition rooms, right in the midst of the debris and scenery left behind from the previous exhibition.

In the centre of the exhibition room you will find the vast, labyrinthine installation An Architecture Composed of the Paintings of Richard Powers and Francis Picabia, made by Mike Kelley and Paul McCarthy in 1997. The work was last on public display in 1998, but now visitors to the SMK can once again explore it at their leisure – right up until the autumn holidays of 2016.

In addition to the huge, maze-like work, you can also see other works created by the same radical artists, offset by two works by Francis Picabia.

Sex and psychedelic science fiction-landscapes
The work An Architecture Composed of the Paintings of Richard Powers and Francis Picabia is a structure built out of huge canvases – billboard-sized repetitions of the US illustrator Richard Powers’ psychedelic science fiction-landscapes.

The two interior spaces of the labyrinth show huge copies of pictures by the French avant-garde artist Francis Picabia. In one of the rooms you are surrounded by semi-naked female figures pained after erotic pin-ups from the 1940s and 1950s. In the second interior space of the labyrinth you are surrounded by copies of some of Picabia’s modernist paintings, which take on a strangely kitschy quality when blown up into these large-scale formats. 

SMK Fridays – TOTAL INSTITUTION and Extracurricular form part of the SMK² series of events. In this series, the museum invites artists, writers, students and many other partners to disrupt the museum’s everyday operation by intervening in the nation’s largest collection of art – each in their own distinctive way. Opening the series, Henrik Plenge Jakobsen is the first artist to shake things up at the SMK.

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