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Mal et ordmaleri, mød en robot med et fjernsyn i maven og tag med på en omvisning i børnehøjde. SMK Foto

For children | What's on | 3.feb.2014

The Winter Holidays at SMK

Outside the weather may be grey and bleak, but at the SMK you can add all the colourful splashes you want – and try your hand at sculpting, philosophising, and much more. Paint a picture of your friendships at the Children’s Workshop, create a meditative Mandala drawing, and meet a robot with a telly in its belly in our special exhibition for children.

What is the colour of friendship?

At the Children’s Workshop we draw, paint, and work with all sorts of materials to create art on the theme of “friendships”. You can also create your own sculpture or unleash your creative forces as a “word painter”.

The The Children’s Workshop 8 to 16 February from 10.30 to 16.30. Admission fee: DKK 45.

Meditative colouring books

Grab your favourite colours and get to work on a Mandala drawing. The bookshop invites all visitors to a Mandala workshop where you can colour in examples of these circular, symmetrical ornamental symbols. Come to the Bookshop on 10 February from 11 to 16. Admission is free.

Exhibition for children

Freedom!, an exhibition developed especially for children, focuses on the many forms that freedom can take. Experience freedom in the form of a piece of grass-green video art, Looking for 4-leaf Clovers by Nikolaj Recke, which is projected straight onto the floor of the exhibition space. See the artist Nam June Paik’s robot with a telly in its belly or get close to Marco Evaristti’s famous blender with live fish swimming around in it. Admission is free.

Read more about the exhibition

SMK Fridays

We get the winter holidays off to a good start with a musical extravaganza. In collaboration with the Frost Festival we present a range of pop-up concerts – held right in the middle of all our art. At the same time we offer a premiere: the SMK’s very first screening of our newly acquired video work by the world-famous performance artist Marina Abramovic.

Join us for an art talk about the work and the artist behind it – and see the critically acclaimed film The Artist is Present from 2012, which tells the story of Marina Abramovic’s performance at MoMa in New York. As ever we also offer a Friday bar, street food, and an artist-DJ. Admission is free.

SMK Fridays 7. februar.  kl. 16.00 - 22.00.

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