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Visiting Information

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On two afternoons in November you can take part in The Sun Mustn’t Touch the Furniture – a guided-tour performance by artist Hannah Heilmann in which she muses on her relationship with art history and shares her various hopes and sorrows concerning the museum as such.

As part of the ongoing SMK² project, SMK has invited the Danish artist Hannah Heilmann to stage an intervention in the museum, challenging a familiar mode of presentation: the guided tour. The result is The Sun Mustn’t Touch the Furniture, a guided tour where Hannah Heilmann invites you to share her tender feelings for the museum.

A personal guided tour
As a trained art historian and former employee at SMK, Hannah Heilmann has her own stories embedded in the works, her own pathways through the house.

Join us for two special afternoons in November as she moves across bridges and stairs, through beloved and reviled art periods, crawls alongside desiccated fish in plastic curtains and flees past Modernist guilt.

More about The Sun Mustn’t Touch the Furniture Wednesday 23 November at 17.00 and Sunday 27 November at 15.00.


SMK releases 3D images of a number of prominent figures, inviting everyone to reuse, upcycle, share and remix these digital casts.

Now, all interested parties – such as schools, students, artists and designers – can download masterpieces such as Apollo, god of music and protector against evil; The Discobolus, a discus thrower in movement, poised in perfect balance; Venus, goddess of love; and the Doryphorus, the spear-bearer – a muscular soldier ready for battle. 

Under the common heading SMK², the museum releases 3D images of six selected plaster casts from the Royal Cast Collection. Works that are considered highlights of Western art history. In addition to six famous masterpieces, the museum also releases a 3D image of a seventh plaster cast: the bust Memnon of Ethiopia. This bust was selected, 3D-scanned and released in collaboration with the Living Archives Research Project.

Use the art
The 3D images are released into the public domain, allowing everyone to share them, creatively reuse them and remix them for animation and 3D printing purposes. Software such as Adobe Photoshop or Preview on Apple computers allow users to turn the figures to view them from different angles, and software such as Blender, which is available as a free download, enables them to reshape and animate the figures.
Download 3D images (460 MB)

Christian Falsnaes has created a new – and highly unorthodox – audio guide: as you follow its directions you take part in the performance A Thousand Faces.

In his new – and quite unconventional – audio guide, artist Christian Falsnaes directs you as you take part in carrying out the performance work A Thousand Faces. If you follow the artists’ directions, you become the central focus point of the work, which Falsnaes created as part of the SMK² scheme.

Get engaged
Imagine black paint spraying from your right-hand index finger. Now imagine that the museum walls are a canvas you can paint on while walking, turning and running.
And imaginary painting is not the only activity on the cards; the six audio tracks also instruct you on how to express yourself through sound and movement.

The audio guide directs you to get directly engaged with the art. In fact, you are given responsibility for ensuring that the performance work is realised at all. Only when you carry out the directions given by the audio guide is the work created. 

You can borrow an iPod and headphones from the Information Desk or stream the audio guide on your own device via guide.smk.dk

Artist Henrik Plenge Jakobsen has brought out a range of works from the museum’s storerooms. You can see the results at the SMK up until the autumn holidays of 2016.

Under the heading TOTAL INSTITUTION, Plenge subjected the SMK to close scrutiny for a special edition of SMK Fridays 29 april 2016.

The evening featured a mix of guided tours of the conservators’ laboratories and in the museum's Study Room, where educators, guides and even the director himself told related stories about hidden places in the museum. Furthermore, there were performances, music and film.

Bonus exhibition
On the occasion of SMK Fridays Plenge Jakobsen brought rarely-seen works out of storage at the museum and used them to create the special display Extracurricular. In the centre of the exhibition room you will find a vast, labyrinthine installation by Mike Kelley and Paul McCarthy. In addition the exhibition features other works created by the same radical artists, offset by two works by Francis Picabia.

Plenge Jakobsen's special display is the first artist intervention in a series of eight.

See the upcoming artist interventions

29. april – 23. oktober 2016.

Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen has let his thoughts run free at the SMK, creating a range of funny and highly personal texts to accompany the exhibits.

A small folder found in various locations around the SMK is in fact a guide with special texts about various exhibits. As part of the SMK² series, artist Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen has selected a number of works, let his thoughts run free and created new texts for you to read in the new folder or online.

Detours inspire new stories 
In this guide, Schmidt-Rasmussen takes you on a personal journey through the museum’s permanent displays, taking a closer look at a number of specially selected works – works that makes him shiver with delight, works he finds unfathomable, works he can only stand in small doses, and works that he keeps coming back to.  With detours to e.g. the blockbuster movie Lord of the Rings, empty football fields, hard-hitting heavy metal music and Jacob Holdt’s American pictures, Schmidt-Rasmussen unfolds the many stories hidden in art.  

Schmidt-Rasmussen’s guide is the second artist intervention in a series of eight. See the upcoming artist interventions

You can pick up the guide next to the featured works from 1 July 2016.

Upcoming SMK² events

Join us as we engage with art in new and different ways through new special displays, guided tours and digital projects in our SMK² series.

Over the course of a year, you can witness a range of artist interventions at the SMK. Eight artists will interact with the museum’s collections, presenting works in new ways and offering you new perspectives and approaches to the art.

Curated by chief curator and senior researcher Marianne Torp, the artist interventions are part of the SMK² initiative.

Special displays, guided tours and digital projects 
In the autumn of 2016 you will be able to join artist Hannah Heilmann on a very special guided tour.

There are further treats in store for the year to come, such as a special display by Lea Porsager and a digital project by Sandra Vaka Olsen, which investigates what happens when the museum’s physical works of art are reproduced in a digital universe.