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The guide “66 Minutes at the Gallery”

The guide presents the 22 most internationally acclaimed highlights.

Guides for the permanent exhibitions – the 11 Series

Follow new paths through the permanent collections with a range of leaflet guides that focus on specific themes across centuries of art.

The 11 Series consists of a range of pamphlet-sized guides that offer new ways of experiencing the SMK collections. Each guide addresses a specific theme – e.g. Portraits. The guide will then lead you to 11 works that demonstrate how art has treated portraits through the ages.

The Gallery’s rich collections showcase 700 years of art. The guides address themes that cut across time. By following the guide, you will not only see selected works of art from a new angle – you will also form an impression of the various movements and developments within art history.

The 11 Series comprises:

  • 9 themed guides, each featuring 11 selected works. Price: DKK 10 per guide
  • The guide “66 Minutes at the Gallery”. Presents the 22 most internationally acclaimed highlights from the Gallery’s collections. Price: DKK 20


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