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A group on a guided tour in one of the museum's permanent exhibitions. Frida Gregersen. SMK-Photo.

A group on a guided tour in one of the museum's permanent exhibitions. Frida Gregersen. SMK-Photo.

Guided tours for groups

We have extensive experience with guided tours for groups and are happy to customise tours to suit your interests and can incorporate special as well as permanent exhibitions.

The guided tours last approxiamtely an hour. The maximum number of participants per tour is 28.


1-hour guided tour in English of the exhibitions* 1100 kr.
1-hour guided tour in Danish of the exhibitions* 1000 kr.
1-hour guided tour in English of the Royal Cast Collection
1100 kr.

* Please notice that an entrance fee is required

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Guided tours must be booked no later than 1 week in advance. Contact us to book your guided tour

When booking guided tours, please include the following information:

  • Date and time for the tour
  • Number of participants (maximum 28 persons per tour)
  • Your thoughts on the subjects you would like to see addressed
  • Full contact details, including an address


Guided tours can be cancelled without incurring any charge no later than one week prior to the planned date. Cancellations less than 7 days prior to the planned date will incur a charge corresponding to the full price of the event.

Suggested themes for guided tours for groups

Across 700 years of art

Immerse yourself in the Gallery's history and experience some of its best-known and distinctive works of art.

Introduction to the Danish Golden Age of art

Focus on how a sense of national identity was built in the early 19th century.

The Modern Breakthrough

What happened to art during the period when Georg Brandes wanted to prompt discussion of a range of issues?

The body in art

Our view of the human body has changed as much as the face of art over the course of the last 700 years.

Art and gender

A guided tour on the norms of gender in art.

Scandalous art

Art is often provocative, but why? And how does provocative art work?

Introduction to abstract art

Learn about abstract art.

What is contemporary art?

How do the artists of our own era work? And what do they want to say to us?

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