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What's Happening?
Art was torn from the frames and down from the pedestals. It mixed and merged with popular culture, everyday l …
26. mar. 2015 - 2. aug. 2015
Might and Glory. Dürer in the Emperor's Service
Experience a true masterpiece by the Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer: An arch of honour measuring no less th …
5. mar. 2015 - 21. jun. 2015
Lutz Bacher: Into the Dimensional Corridor
Experience an exhibition by US artist Lutz Bacher about humanity’s yearning for the unknown The Star Trek cha …
6. nov. 2014 - 6. apr. 2015
Danish and International Art after 1900
Permanent exhibition with artworks from the CollectionsModern art from the 20th century and the very latest co …
30. mar. 2014
European Art 1300-1800
Permanent exhibition with artworks from the CollectionsWith the exhibition European Art 1300-1800 the Gallery  …
26. nov. 2014
Amedeo Modigliani, Alice, c. 1918
French Art 1900-1930
Permanent exhibition with artworks from the CollectionsIn the exhibition, French Art 1900-1930, you can experi …
28. may. 2014
Christen Købke, A View from Dosseringen near the Sortedam Lake Looking Towards Nørrebro, 1838
Danish and Nordic Art 1750-1900
Permanent exhibition with artworks from the CollectionsFrom the birth of Danish painting through the famous Go …
28. may. 2014
The Royal Cast Collection
Permanent exhibition with artworks from the CollectionsAt The Royal Cast Collection you can explore thousands …
3. nov. 2013
What makes a home?
We sleep, wake up, brush our teeth, eat, play, and live in our homes. But what really makes a home? And what  …
11. oct. 2014 - 26. jul. 2015
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