Workshops for children

Get inspired with clay, paper, cloth, paint, pencils, glue guns and paint brushes, and create your own works of art in our workshops.

Art school for children

Art School for children and young people

Get a deeper understanding of the fine arts, experiment and use your imagination.

Children and families

The Children’s Museum of Art features exhibitions designed for a child’s perspective and using their own special world as a starting point. Using art as a launching pad, the entire family can jointly explore exciting themes and experience imaginative, new worlds.


Visit the exhibitions and attend the workshops, where you can create your own works of art.

Board game for families

Board game for children and families

The board game Match-SMK is specifically aimed at families with children between the ages of 6 to 10. The game is about telling good stories that take art as their starting point.

Room 226

The sketching Room

Drawing hones our sense of observation. Grab a pencil and let yourself be inspired by the sculptures of the room.

Birthday celebration

Birthday celebration at SMK

You can celebrate your birthday in The Children's Museum of Art. A guided tour or a workshop is the perfect way to celebrate the day. Enjoy your lunch and cake in Børnenes Spisestue located in level 0.

Sundays for Kids

Sundays for children

Every first Sunday of the month there is special focus on activities for children.


Come and be creative and use your imagination among clowns and artists.

Get creative at home

Get creative at home

The manager of our workshops has created these tiny films for inspiration.

Children's tours

Tours for children

Every Sunday. children and their parents have the opportunity to experience art while hearing good stories.

Visiting with children

Changing table and stroller?

Keep track of all the practical.

Who is behind the Children and Youth unit?

Who are we? The children and youth unit consists of art historians, teachers, academy-trained artists, architects and students (bachelor level) from the fields of archaeology, contemporary cultural studies and art history.


What is our aim? Our aim is to stimulate the inquisitiveness of children and young people, their sense of wonder, their creativity and fantasy. We bring words to centuries of graphic art, and bring images to that for which there are no words.


Why is art important? Art has a way of upsetting our usual conceptions of the world: of technology, of society and of what we ‘know’. It helps us think, understand, interpret and communicate. Art trains us to discern and read contexts, and at the same time contains a degree of ambiguity and doubt that stimulates creativity and the ability to think outside the square.