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Did you know that you can order photographic reproductions of works of art at the National Gallery of Denmark?

The Museum’s sale of photographs is for private individuals, cultural and public institutions and businesses. To order a photograph, fill in our order form which you can find on this page together with information about conditions, copyright and prices.

If you go online and search the Museum’s Collections, you can find the necessary information about the name of the artist, title of the work and the inventory number.

Not all of the Museum’s many works on paper are electronically registered, so if you cannot find the drawing or print you are looking for, apply to the study room for Prints and Drawings.

The information you send on the order form will be registered at the Museum, and you will receive an invoice for payment. In the price list below you can see how much it costs. Please note that we ask our international customers for payment in advance in DKK by bank transfer or cheque. As soon as payment is registered at the Museum the image will be forwarded.

You will receive permission to reproduce the picture together with the invoice; please sign the permission form and return it. The permit will be completed by the Museum based on the information on the order form, describing the agreement between the Museum and you as to the use of the photographic material.

By filling in all the relevant fields in the order form, you will ensure an efficient dispatch of the photo order. The order form can be sent electronically or by post to the address below, where you can also get answers to any questions you may have in connection with your order.

T +45 25 52 71 37
Fax +4533 74 84 04

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