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Maleri | 22.sep.2009

Gustav Fjæstad

Hello! I had a brief visit to your museum whilst in Copenhagen and I fell in love with a painting called "First Breath Upon the Waters" by Gustav Fjaastad (spelling??) Can you please help me to find more information about this painter? Do you have postcards or prints available of that painting?

Dear Dana Lynne Andersen
Thank you for your request to Statens Museum for Kunst regarding Gustaf Fjæstad. This link will show you the details we have on that particular painting and painter: http://search.smk.dk/Vark.asp?Type=Udvidet&ObjectId=10869

As you can see we don’t have that much information on him in our database. I will recommend you to contact Stockholm National Museum info@nationalmuseum.se for more information. He is a Swedish painter and the museum have works by him. You can also see some litterature references on Wikipedias homepage. Unfortunately our museum shop does not have any prints or postcards of the painting.I hope this is some help to you.

Best regards
Josephine Julie Fity
Studentermedarbejder/Curatorial Assistant

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