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CollectionSpace is an open-source, web-based software application for the description, management, and dissemination of museum collections information. The CollectionSpace project team is made up of museum professionals, software engineers, and interaction designers.

SMK digital | 8.feb.2011

At the forefront of 21st century digital arts communication

Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Art, Denmark) has been a leader in the use of information technology for many years. Today, as part of its SMK Digital initiative, the Gallery is redefining what it means for a fine arts museum to be at the forefront of digital arts communication.


Blogindlægget er skrevet af Angela Spinazze fra Collection Space. SMK Digital udvikler en ny database til at understøtte både forskning og formidling i samarbejde med konsortiet Collection Space.

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  • 8.feb.2011
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